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DCA Mission Statement
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About Data Centre Alliance

The Data Centre Alliance (DCA) is a not-for-profit international Industry association representing the interests of the data centre infrastructure sector. The main activities of the DCA include:

  • Driving awareness of the data centre industry to the business world, the media, governments and the general public. 
  •  Promoting the development and harmonisation of data centre standards. 
  • Leading the industry’s research and development agenda.
  • Addressing the data centre sector’s skills gap 
  • Engaging collaboration with the industry’s stakeholders 
  • Working on programmes to improve environmental sustainability

 Membership is open to all data centre operators both private and commercial as well as supply chain organisations which support the industry.


The DCA recognises standards are fragmented and sometimes conflicting, which can confuse both customers and policymakers. Therefore the DCA’s objective is to address these issues by engaging our members with:

  • Assisting development and harmonisation of standards at both International (ISO/IEC) and European (EN) committees.

  • Ensuring customers recognise value, quality and operational professionalism

  • Driving forward solutions which reduce the risk of misaligned legislation


Training & Skills

Over the last twenty years the data centre industry has radically changed. Today the data centre sits at the heart of all digital services and can therefore be regarded as a ‘critical industry’ that all citizens depend on for their economic and social well-being.

Due to the data centre industry's relatively short history, the expertise is largely held by people who have gained their knowledge "on the job" therefore a major objective of the DCA is to work very closely with academia and training organisations ensuring the industry has the skills to meet the challenges of the future.

  • Developing ‘grassroots’ programmes connecting young people to the industry. 
  • Working with all stakeholders to build data centre skills, roadmaps and frameworks 
  • Promoting the value of data centre training and encouraging ‘critical thinking’


Other comparable ‘critical industries’ draw down vast sums of funding enabling them to invest in research and development projects. This has compromised the data centre sector’s ability to drive improvement and innovation.

The formation of the DCA as an industry association has secured the industry’s ability to access this essential funding which enables a coordinated strategy to be developed. 

  • Setting a research agenda 
  • Building collaboration and widening participation 
  • Developing innovation and new markets

Environmental Sustainability

The data centre is considered a significant user of energy and a large contributor to climate change.  At the same time, the data centre is also a key enabler of many green initiatives.

Data centres are the very backbone of our IT systems but present a unique set of challenges with regard to energy use which is often misunderstood.

Many good guidelines and codes have been initiated already that are recognised and supported by the DCA, but to maximise these successfully, coordinated strategies are needed to gain the maximum exploitation and adoption.

  • Promoting and driving awareness of ‘best practice’
  • Developing strategies to link data centre standards, training & skills to reduce the impact of data centres on the environment. 
  • Focussing our R&D programmes to encourage innovation in environmentally sustainable technology and solutions.

Industry Wide Collaboration

Successful business sectors all rely on a professional and trusted industry association to represent them. Although there are many groups which focus on specific elements of the data centre, without collaboration the data centre industry sector as a whole cannot have a unified voice. The DCA’s objectives include ensuring:

  • Independent and free from commercial agendas 
  • Coordinated voice for the industry
  • Collaboration with all related groups, media partners and stakeholders through our strategic alliance programme


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