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DCIM Deliberations Working Group
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It's time for the global DCIM Industry to speak


The Challenge: Typically speaking, activity cycles between facilities, IT and the business are on different timelines: Facilities plan 10 years ahead, IT plans maybe 3 years ahead, and the business would like to see changes and results in weeks or months.  In addition to this, terminology between various parts of the business varies and frequently causes confusion.   For example, the term ‘infrastructure’ has a different definition, depending on whom you are talking with.  There are also a number of different DCIM products on the market, some of which have been in development for a number of years. However, they are not all like for like, and it’s a complex area.  The perception of the process to implement DCIM currently seems to be flawed. DCIM is not a discovery tool, and when expectations are high, it rarely delivers on the value that it can offer, without the correct foundations in place.  Customers often adopt full DCIM without scoping out what they need and what it delivers....and there are viable alternatives to a full DCIM implementation, such as DCAM plus power / capacity monitoring.


Our Team:  Steve Beber, Venessa Moffat, Alfonso Arias, Daniel Tautges, Monika Grass, Ken Peters.

The DCIM Deliberations working group was setup amongst growing unease in the DCIM arena. Where is this industry going? We argue that the general population, even in the data centre industry does not fully comprehend the differences between the vendors all in order to make a good comparison, and that there is not a cohesive message given from them all. We are issuing a survey to get 1st hand information.

Our key objectives for this piece of work:

1) To provide clarity around the state of the DCIM market and possible future directions
2) To offer a benchmarking framework where companies can intelligently go to tender for the right DCIM solutions for them
3) To educate around the process of implementing DCIM in order that companies see ROI in expected timeframes

We want people to get involved in this survey to find out what is actually happening, so that both end users, and vendors alike can figure out where to go next. We believe the DCIM industry is reaching a crisis point, and needs to adapt or evolve. We need first hand information to know where to go next. It is time to speak - please get involved by taking our survey:



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