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DCA Anti-Contamination Workshop Reminder

Posted By Kelly Edmond, Tuesday 15 April 2014
Here's a reminder to all who may be interested in attending the DCA Anti-Contamination Workshop on Thursday 24th April 2014.

This is the annual review meeting for this specialist steering group. The group's aim is to discuss, advise and recommend practical solutions to the members of the Data Centre Alliance on the control of dust, dirt and contamination of the data centre. In particular, preventing damage to equipment; loss of data and conservation of energy. This workshop is to gain your views on what collaborative action(s) are required by the DCA. All members are welcome to contribute.

All details of the workshop are in the Event Calendar. Don't forget to RSVP! 

Tags:  air management  anti contamination  data centre cleaning  Date Centre  docklands  university of east london 

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A Day in the Life of a Data Centre Supervisor

Posted By Anne-Marie Lavelle, London Data Exchange, Thursday 27 March 2014
Updated: Thursday 27 March 2014

A Day in the Life of a Data Centre Supervisor 

If you’re reading this blog, you are probably somebody who follows the data centre industry closely and are use to reading about the data centre trends and developments. With all this in mind, I thought I would give you a high level insight of a day in a life of a data centre supervisor with some of our best practices that we follow in our facility.

I am responsible for the day-to-day operations at our North West London facility that include, managing the team of data centre technicians, supporting our clients, maintaining the high operational standards, as well as following our PPM plan.

As the data centre supervisor I have a number of tasks every morning as well as a checklist that our on-site data centre technicians would carry out. I have listed the 4 key points from my checklist below:

1. Data Centre Security

When my day starts at 07:00 I have to make sure all of our security cameras are running effectively as well as checking the security night report, this can be obtained by on site security or from our third party monitoring centre.

2. Data Centre Cooling

Also included in my morning checklist is to check the facilities temperature and humidity graphs that are retrieved from a number of probes placed within the data halls. I have to make sure we stay within our data centre service level agreement (SLA) and this is carried out by a number of alarms in place that will alert us 24 x 7 of any fluctuations.

3. Data Centre Operations

As you know the data centre needs 100% uptime. Firstly I would check our on-site power generation and then move onto our three string UPS system to check for any unusual activity.

4. Data Centre Cleanliness

I believe a clean data centre is a happy data centre. My team of data centre technicians are always making sure the data halls are clean, dust free and well presented.

If you are looking for any more in depth information on the above click here

As a data centre supervisor, I believe everything is your business and this is exactly why I go that extra mile to make sure all our customers are always fully supported and comfortable with every aspect of our service.

Jesse South - LDeX Group Data Centre Supervisor 

Tags:  data centre cleaning  Date Centre  London  operational best practice 

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Data Centre Anti-Contamination Guide Released

Posted By Administration, Monday 15 April 2013

DCA Anti-Contamination Guideline Released.

Following DCA Member's collaboration, we have released a guideline paper designed to assist all owners and operators of data centres large and small in guarding against outages and maintaining energy efficiency by tackling the problems caused by contaminants, dust and dirt in the data centre.

The DCA would like to thank all who helped and assisted in the development of this paper and especially:

Dr Ian bitterlin, Gary Hall, Dr Jon Summers, David McLenachan, Spencer North and Alan Fisher.

The guideline is free and publically available from HERE

Tags:  anti contamination  data centre cleaning  Date Centre 

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Reduce the risk of dust and dirt entering your Data Centre

Posted By Steve Hone, Wednesday 1 August 2012

Studies have shown that 75% of Hardware failures are caused by dirt and dust. 80% of dust and dirt entering your critical area does so on soles of feet (Source: 3M).

Dust can cause irreversible harm to the data centre and its systems and introduce a major risk of fire hazard. Data centres need an effective strategy to prevent dust and particle contamination.

The traditional approach to reduce this contamination risk for data centre operators has been to use carpeted mats, but tests have shown this is ineffective in reducing dirt and dust being transferred into your IT room. Alternatives such as sticky/tacky mats which although effective initially have a limited life and can very quickly look unsightly therefore need to be replaced manually with regular checks to remain effective.

A number of data centre operators I have spoken to have nowinstalled a possiblesolution to this issue which prevents over 99% of dust and dirt entering their data halls which looks great and isguaranteed for 3 years.

Polymeric flooring material has traditionally been used in the pharmaceutical and microchip industry where a clean room environment is essential for production/quality control. However the substrate is ideal for today's data centre environment.

To find out more suggest visiting

Tags:  anti contamination  central  data  data centre cleaning  Date Centre  dirt  dust 

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