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Taking Data Centre Security to the Server Rack

Posted By Andy Billingham, EMKA (UK) Ltd, Thursday 17 November 2016

Access security experts at EMKA point out that current data centre security practices rely on three things to ensure the protection of data. First, keeping a thief out of the building; second, monitoring the system to detect the removal of a hard drive; finally, encrypting the data on that hard drive so that if the first two fail, the hardware is still useless to the thief. Despite these efforts, data theft still occurs with some frequency, which is why companies need to consider a change in their strategy, such as biometric security.

EMKA believe that by implementing biometric technology at a different level of operations, such as the server rack itself, companies can optimize their security and establish a new line of defence that doesn't interrupt workflow. Installing a fingerprint scanner on the server rack door handle won't affect building access or other factors, but ensures that only authorized personnel can actually open the rack and remove hardware. This ensures security regardless of whether a thief manages to bypass the other security measures. Furthermore, it protects a company from theft by its own employees – one of the leading causes of data breaches seen worldwide.

Of course, as firms deploy server rack security solutions they may see other ways to improve their building access control with biometrics. By starting at a basic point of entry and deploying a high-quality biometric solution, a company can see the results and build from there, implementing biometrics where needed and avoiding a single large-scale investment that may not be cost effective immediately.

EMKA/Digitus Biometric solutions offer top of the line security for any company, but in the data centre it is particularly beneficial, providing front line protection for valuable or critical with information which is quickly becoming the currency of this digital age.

Tags:  BioLock  biometric handle  biometric technology  data centre security;  EMKA UK  server rack security 

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Guide to Electronic Locking Systems

Posted By Andy Billingham, EMKA (UK) Ltd, Thursday 7 January 2016
Our new guide to Electronic Locking and Monitoring Systems gives an introduction to the rapidly developing field of IT data protection. It covers the areas of electro-mechanical locking, RFID card, PIN Code and fingerprint Bio-locking technologies suited to cabinets from industrial sites to server/data centres.

Our electronic locking systems are modular in design to suit standalone housings or complete data centres. The guide also describes use of these systems in outdoor locations where instant monitoring and high levels of security are required. The guide may be downloaded at

 Attached Files:

Tags:  bio-locking  data centre security;  electro-mechanical locking  electronic locking systems  EMKA UK  IT data protection  server security 

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Combination Swinghandle for Data Centre Security

Posted By Andy Billingham, EMKA (UK) Ltd, Monday 16 February 2015

We recognise that even small Data Centres of a few server cabinets handling low sensitivity information still require an appropriate locking system. The 1155 program combination swinghandle is one such solution for data/co-location centres, but also for hardware protection such as bike lockers at universities or other establishments.

The 1155 swinghandle features a conventional round cylinder lock keyed all the same or different as required – this is used in conjunction with a three digit combination lock. The handle may be released using the key only – which also permits the three dial combination to be set. Once set the handle may be released by use of the combination alone – thus the key/pin priority is established for blocks of cabinets with a hierarchy of control.

The IP65 rating also ensures suitability in arduous industrial situations such as banks of control cabinets in a factory environment. The 1155 uses industry standard cut-outs so is a simple retro-fit to upgrade existing equipment with single point or multi-point rod lock installations.

Tags:  combination swinghandle  data centre security  EMKA UK  locking systems;  swinghandles 

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Simple Lock Systems Address Data Security Regulations

Posted By Andy Billingham, EMKA (UK) Ltd, Monday 9 February 2015

As the “Everything but the enclosure” company we have a strong portfolio of cabinet locking optionsfor data storage and processing cabinets. While there has been much recent attention on the high end networking and biometric aspects, it may easily be forgotten that even non-sensitive data is covered by the need for an appropriate level of security.

It is worth remembering that our standard key operated 1150 program swinghandle is often suitable for such simple access control in corporate data centres and co-location centres where any relevant standalone or suite of cabinets may be fitted with “all the same key”, e.g. type 333 or key different but alike, e.g. 723, or keyed all different but within a specific range, with master key option. The 1150 series is also suited to retro-fit situations since it uses industry standard cut outs, and barrels which may be changed to upgrade existing installations.

Tags:  cabinet locking  data security solutions  data storage locking  EMKA UK  processing cabinet locking;  server cabinet lock systems  swinghandles 

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Fingerprint technology on-the-cabinet @ DataCentres Ireland

Posted By Andy Billingham, EMKA (UK) Ltd, Monday 26 January 2015

We exhibited our new BioLockfingerprint technology recently at the DataCentres Ireland Exhibition where it was installed on Dataracks cabinets and created substantial interest among this specialist audience who are involved in the planning, designing and operating of datacentres, server rooms and storage facilities.

BioLock swinghandle technology offers for the first time biometric processing at the cabinet and provides an indisputable PCI DSS, SOX, SSAE 16, SOC 2 AND HIPAA compiant audit trail which was appreciated by visitors to the stand as exemplifying industry best practice in personnel data security. BioLock thus addresses the increasingly recognised problem that internal breaches comprise over 40% of data loss, sabotage and attack.

Tags:  BioLock  biolock data centre security  EMKA UK 

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AGENT E wireless swinghandle gets added RFID swipe card security

Posted By Andy Billingham, EMKA (UK) Ltd, Monday 12 January 2015
Updated: Monday 12 January 2015

Central network wireless control, coupled with RFID transponder swipe card technology, adds higher levels of security to our Program 3000 AGENT E battery powered electronically controlled swinghandles for data cabinet protection. These standalone swinghandles can be used wirelessly, on their own, or networked in groups controlled via an RJ45 linked ProxLock module supplemented by personal RFID transponder card identification for duel level control.

The AGENT E handle therefore forms a flexible security module within an expandable network, usable on otherwise vulnerable data or control cabinets. Typically this may include server cabinets or machine controls where unauthorised access is likely to put personnel, machine or information safety at risk from tampering, vandalism/sabotage, data theft or simple inappropriate usage.

AGENT E Card readers work on 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz and each handle is equipped with a covert USB connection for emergency power/opening and memory log download on standalone versions. Handles retain their finger touch release on network “master” and “slave” units, along with green and red LED indicators which identify the operating window.

Naturally our AGENT E swinghandles are compatible with our other door closure equipment such as cams and rod controls for multi-point locking. Door contact sensors may be linked to all versions.

Tags:  agent e swinghandles  EMKA UK  swinghandles  swinghandles with RFID swipe card 

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LAN Based Control Cockpit – real time Data Centre cabinet security software

Posted By Andy Billingham, EMKA (UK) Ltd, Monday 5 January 2015

Our newly launched Control Cockpit software adds an upper level of oversight to the much expanded Electronic Locking and Monitoring (ELM) product portfolio for Data Centres, making it possible to manage all the elements and analysis of recorded parameters for up to 50 separate ELM systems. So long as these systems are accessible on the company LAN, this allows allocation of access rights to data and control cabinet locks, assignment of groups, setting of limits for sensors and enabling alarms.

The Control Cockpit deals with all ELM lock elements such as keypad/PIN, card reader (Legic©, HID), GSM/mobile phone and remote opening, as well as the recently released BioLock fingerprint scanner swinghandle and AGENT E wireless program.

User configurable screens enable simple presentation of required information, e.g. determining thermal load of a cabinet with historical or current data graphs. Event archiving from all systems is loaded onto a common database.

Because the EMKA Control Cockpit is licensed as a server application in the communication component, the Control Cockpit software can even be installed in as many places as desired where there is access to the central database. The data transmission taking place within the network is encrypted and the open database structure of the Control Cockpit allows for easy integration into higher-level systems with SQL interface.

Contact us now to discuss how the EMKA Control Cockpit can be configured in your Data Centre security.

Tags:  cabinet security software  electronic locking and monitoring  EMKA UK 

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New BioLock 3500 program offers greater personnel and data protection

Posted By Andy Billingham, EMKA (UK) Ltd, Monday 22 December 2014

Biometric (fingerprint) technology joins digital and RFID card security in our latest developments for the Electronic Locking and Monitoring (ELM) cabinet access and environmental control system, which operates with our modular swinghandle and cabinet locking components.

The addition of the EMKA BioLock, with integral fingerprint reader, to the ELM program now offers a superior level of security for protection of valuable data in compliance with PCI, SOX, SSAE 16 and HIPAA in support of EN 50600 – with unique, personal identification and traceability. The use of biometric access control gives the possibility also of an operator designating specific alarm fingers which both open the system and set off a remote alarm to warn of an operator under threat, so enhancing personal safety.

The BioLock, in conjunction with PIN codes and RFID access cards, provides an extremely high 3 level security protection which may be applied on an individual cabinet or on a designated block of cabinets with, for example, a group controller supplemented with separate cabinet release protocols. Multiple releases of separate panels on individual cabinets are catered for by means of linked ELock slave units.

BioLock management is handled by means of Control Cockpit software which provides comprehensive control and monitoring functions with the flexibility to add/remove/report/alarm in support of the SYSLOG standard – plus an SNMP interface for integration with third party systems.

Contact us to review your needs and how BioLock technology can help improve your access security.

Tags:  biometric locking systems  data centre security  EMKA BioLock  EMKA UK  locking systems 

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Game Changing Access Control technology and Bullet-proof Physical Security with Indisputable Audit Trails

Posted By Andy Billingham, EMKA (UK) Ltd, Monday 15 December 2014

There have been several breaches of security at high profile institutions in recent times, and almost every day brings a new story of how a building has been compromised and critical data or hardware destroyed or stolen.

It is believed that breaches of security at data centres comprise over 40% of data loss, sabotage and attack.

More than ever before data centre security and physical IT assets are at risk. Whether it is from perceived outside threats or from internal team members, threats to the data and the customers’ critical data continue to grow. A 2011 Gabriel Group Survey* states that over 60% of today’s malicious security breaches are at the hands of company insiders.

Data centre operators have long understood the need for physical access control on server cabinets. In corporate facilities, where data centres are potentially exposed to a significant number of employees, mission-critical servers must be protected from thumb drive data theft and from theft of a server itself. Those same considerations apply to colocation facilities, which must also reassure customers that their servers are individually secure within a generally secured facility.

Certainly, there are many ways of securing data centres, and many solutions have evolved over time to address access control at doors and server cabinets.

Physically securing private information in data centres has proven challenging however, as the necessary technology has lagged far behind network security technology. The network security industry is a steady stream of innovative response to high-tech threats. For most data centres, physical security rests with technology from the last millennium.

In practice, even those enterprises that are highly concerned about addressing risks related to physical access have been unable to elevate alerts and audits to the level possible for network security. This is primarily a matter of deficient technology, as 100% accurate alerting and auditing solutions for physical access have typically extended no further than a data centre’s front door.

The problem is because those solutions evolved separately to address individual access points, rather than addressing the overall needs of the data centre. In contrast, this new Biometric system is designed with an eye toward overall facility needs, and is unique in its ability to serve as a single, networked platform to completely secure every access point throughout a data centre – right up to the server cabinets themselves!

This new EMKA Biometric operated handle provides, for the first time, unique finger print technology stored and processed in the handle on the cabinet with an “Indisputable Audit Trail” to protect valuable data and is compliant with the various data privacy rules and regulations such as: PCI, SOX, SSAE 16 and HIPPA. 

The need to protect sensitive data has never been higher, from the perspective of both good business practice and regulatory compliance – and that applies to physical as well as to network access.

Physical security does not guarantee compliance, and compliance does not guarantee physical security. But the availability of a single, networked platform that can deliver biometric access control to every access point within an enterprise, with an indisputable audit trail, is a strong step toward unifying compliance and security programs – right up to the server cabinets themselves.

There are already in excess of 500 of these new Biometric systems installed, none of which have been breached.

View here for details of the EMKA BioLock system.

Contact us to discuss your Data Centre security needs.


Tags:  biometric handles  biometric systems  data centre security  EMKA UK  server security 

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BioLock from EMKA UK – a New Biometric Locking System for server racks launched at Data Centre Expo in October

Posted By Andy Billingham, EMKA (UK) Ltd, Monday 8 December 2014
Updated: Tuesday 9 December 2014

EMKA, together with sales partners Data Racks, launched our new biometric locking system at Data Centre Expo – @ Excel London on the 8th and 9th October 2014. The new system addresses concerns that breaches of security at datacentres comprise over 40% of data loss, sabotage and attack. EMKA BioLock provides for the first time unique finger print technology stored and processed in the handle on the cabinet with an “Indisputable Audit Trail” to protect valuable data. EMKA BioLock is PCI, SOX, SSAE 16 and HIPPA compliant.

Fingerprint technology on-the-handle enables the individual and/or combination of individuals permitted to access servers via the cabinet to be determined by a distributed security network based at the cabinet with all 10 fingers being recognised and 2 permitted as “duress fingers” which still open the cabinet but set off a remote alarm. There are already 500+ BioLock systems installed at high security locations such as US Airforce, US Army, NORAD, Memorial Medical Centre, Syracuse University, and the US Naval Academy.

The system was further exhibited exhibited at Data Centre World Dublin @ the RDS Centre on 11th – 12th November and will also be at Data Centre World @ Excel on 11th – 12th March 2015.

Tags:  biolock data centre security  biometric locking system;  biometric technology  data centre security  EMKA UK 

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