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What is Enterprise Cloud Server Hosting all about?

Posted By Avena Bell, Friday 25 November 2016
Updated: Friday 25 November 2016
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Cloud Hosting is a cloud computing model that allows forexpedient, on-demand network access to a common group of computing resources, such as storage, servers, services, applications, networks, etc., that can be quickly provisioned and discharged with the least amount of effort.

This type of hosting ensures better performance without adding far too much cost to the operations. It is, by no means, a new technology or methodology. However, it can be considered a new delivery model that offers resources as services that are scalable and elastic, and are available on a pay-per-use, on-demand subscription basis. 

Enterprise Cloud Server Hosting

This is a special case of cloud computing. In this, cloud computing is utilized for competitive advantage on the back of novel opportunities for savings in terms of cost and for business innovations. A Cloud Hosting Providerwould offer the right Enterprise Cloud Server Hosting plan that would enable companies to quickly access public and private hosting resources on an on-demand basis without undergoing the expenses and efforts related to deploying the associated physical infrastructure.
Enterprise Cloud Server Hosting requires fine-tuning of all the provisions. It is important to have enterprise grade servers and redundant infrastructure to ensure the success of mission-critical operations.

This type of hosting must address the following points:

• It should enable enterprises to collaborate on innovative methods since this type of collaboration with business partners is the way ahead to gain competitive advantage across value chains. There can be shared workspaces in community clouds, and employees from different, multiple companies can collaborate on a virtual enterprise network and function as a single company. 
• In terms of expenses, data center and IT costs must be directly aligned to usage and should be massively minimized.In other words, they should be elastic and scalable.
• It should lead to dramatic cuts in risk and startup expenses for innovation initiatives, which would allow companies to check out more and more new ideas. Since there would be no upfront capital expenditure, it would be easy to instantly scale up a new project if it takes off or scale down or shut it down in case it doesn’t.  

Other features

Cost saving is a significant driver in Enterprise Cloud Server Hosting. However, another major driver are the changes happening in the outside world, the one that’s outside the business world in our connected global world. With all-pervasive internet, social networks are changing the ways people do things - learn, work, play, and even live. These changes have affected the manner of designing and managing organizations and their delivery of value to customers.

There are several leading providers of Enterprise Cloud Server Hosting in India. They have cutting edge infrastructure and high-speed resources to provide their clients with world class services. 

They ensure that their clients:

 are able to reduce or scale up their resources on the basis of their present requirements.
 can maintain effective availability of applications without having to invest massively in the pertinent software and hardware equipments.
 are billed only on a pay-per-use basis.
 are able to contribute to a greener world by subscribing to a service instead of setting up in-house infrastructure.
 are able to enjoy services that have been designed to optimally utilize the resources and usage so that their IT costs are reduced dramatically and their operating expenses are cut to a significant extent.

Go4Hosting is a leading Cloud Hosting Provider that offers customizable hosting solutions to their clients at pleasant prices and with expert support. On the back of their impeccable services and rich and varied experience, they are considered as the premiumEnterprise Cloud Server Hosting in India.


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5 Best Reasons to choose an online back up on VPS or Cloud.

Posted By Suhaib Logde, Saturday 12 September 2015

Cloud back up is an online data storage option. If the data is lost or damaged due to some misfortune, it can be easily retrieved with the help of online back up through Cloud hosting services. The data is stored in cloud server at remote data centers and can be accessed from anywhere using the secured user login. It enables the secure data back up as the users no more need to store their data on physical disk or drives.

5 Reasons to choose an online back up on Cloud:

Secured: Online backup on cloud is highly secured because the data is encrypted before storing into the cloud vault. And the user is given the code for decoding the encryption and thereby accessing the data. So, online cloud backup service protects the mission-critical business data.

Agile: Accessing data with online back up on cloud server is very convenient, which was earlier not there because the external storage devices had so many hassles- from carrying them along, careful handling, risk of virus infection to damages due to physical reasons. While online cloud back up allows you to access your data simply by logging into your account from anywhere, anytime, connecting to the remote cloud server data centers.

Affordable: Online backup through Cloud hosting services incur lesser costs than the traditional backup and storage devices like CD ROMs and external disks and drives.

Eliminates the limits of traditional back up machines: Traditional CDs, DVDs, pen drives and other external drives were very much susceptible to getting lost, easily got corrupted due to virus infection or some physical mishandling. Besides, on getting obsolete it could get un-readable and data may even get damaged and irreparable.

Reliable: Agile, affordable, encrypted data and secured login solutions by online cloud back up makes it extremely reliable.

Reasons to choose an online back up on Virtual Private Server:

Self-managed: FTP backup feature on VPS server also enables self-managed scheduled backups for securing users' data.

Secured: Online backup on Virtual Private Server comes with Secured FTP login which makes it highly secured as it encrypts the data.

Affordable: The costs involved in online back up on VPS server is very less especially compared to traditional backup devices.

Scalable: Besides, online backup on VPS is easily scalable. For increasing storage needs, the data backup services are expandable with enough bandwidth.

High Performance: This reliable and secured online data back up on VPS allows the users/clients to focus on their prime business, resulting into better performance and better results.

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